Andean Colors is an original musical exploration into Latin-Andean fusion. Its members come originally from Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru and Canada. Since they came together as a group in Ottawa in 1997, they have been touring many places in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. In each performance, Andean Colors has captivated audiences because of its energy, talent and art, playing more than 20 wind, string and percussion instruments from modern and traditional Latin American heritage. Each member of Andean Colors specializes in different in-struments and has extensive experience performing with other international Latin-American groups in Europe and in the Americas. Their repertoire includes original and arranged traditional songs, blending Native-Andean rhythms and contemporary influences such as salsa, cumbia, bossa-nova and jazz. Their venues are diverse, ranging from stage to radio and television (ex. CBC, Radio Canada and BRAVO). But what makes Andean Colors a unique group is its sound produced by the encounter of different multicultural roots, experiences and musical backgrounds that could only truly happen in Canada.

    Andean Colors recorded and produced in 1999 its first CD named TAKI RURU (The Sound of the Seed), which is a journey in search of native roots and sounds of Latin American heritage. Taki Ruru has been a success without any commercial promotion or institutional aid. In 2001, Andean Colors came with its second CD, YACUMAMA (Mother Water), which is a musical achievement of the harmonious chemistry between elements of ancient Andean traditions and the cultural multiplicity of our modernity. In this album, Andean Colors expertly conjugates traditional rhythms such as Sanjuanito, Huayno, Huayño, Sicuri, Tonada, with contemporary influences from Salsa, Cumbia, Nouveau Flamenco, Soca, Lambada and Jazz. This musical syncretism, without doubt, is one of the most important contributions that Andean Colors offers to the evolution of Latin-American music.

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